Video Analysis – Aggressive Pitbull

This video crossed my path recently and it really caught my eye. I sort of saw my old self, although I never used a pet corrector/convincer. His statements about timing and always remaining calm are things I used to say and do as well. If it was the old me, I would say his timing…

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It All Boils Down to Impulse Control


How many times have you gotten that candy bar while waiting to check out at the grocery store? Impulse control is tough for people, let alone dogs! Living with two dogs who have to be separate can be hectic. Fortunately, it’s because they won’t stop playing rather than because they are fighting. Check them out:…

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15 Must Read Dog Training Articles

dog training articles

When you’re first starting to cross over to positive reinforcement based dog training, its hard to know where to start. Each of these dog training articles will open your mind to what dogs and dog training should be all about. These articles are sure to get you double guessing your beliefs. Enjoy! Is Punishment an…

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Dogs Just Want to Have Fun!

heel work

Some behaviors you can train your dog can be inherantly rewarding. I recently trained my dog, Loker, to go through my legs. He picked it up very quickly because he enjoyed it once he learned how. I know he enjoys it because he does it without hesitation repeatedly. Check out this video of our last…

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Guest Post: A Pet Owner’s Story

eileen anderson4

I tried hard to start from the beginning as a positive reinforcement trainer, I really did. But my environment, luck, and perhaps my own limitations were against me. Cricket When I got my rat terrier Cricket from Ratbone Rescues in 2002, I read up on dog training on the youngish Internet. Back then, the main…

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I Messed Up!


Another frustration I’ve experienced is effectively defending the methods I’ve now chosen to stick with. This post is going to show one of my flaws in the hopes that it will help others learn along with me. People I come across today do not know my story, my struggles, my history, or my character. Some…

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It’s In The Details: Lumping


Once you get used to the clicker, you are most likely going to fall in love and use it to teach your dog many different tasks. Currently, I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to teach my Corgi a tucked sit. A tucked sit is when the back end is brought up under the…

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Why Do Dogs Bark?

I often hear the question, “how do I get him to stop barking?” But the first step to solving this issue is to figure out why the dog is barking. Dogs bark for many different reasons so it’s hardly a simple answer. Before we can go over the solution, I usually ask the following questions:…

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