Why I Enjoy Teaching People to Train Their Dogs


Bev Maahs KPACTP I had the opportunity today to see a friend whom I stayed with during my KPA workshops that I had not seen in a while. We had a chat about how long ago it was since I did the KPA, which is 3 years ago in May.  Between teaching foundation classes, she asked…

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Doggie Daycare Series – Part 2: I’ve Been Mugged!

Train My Dogs Austin

By far, the biggest adjustment for me has been getting used to dogs jumping on me to get treats, toys, or simply out of excitement. As I mentioned in Part I, the dogs that come to the day school center have very little training under their belt. It took me a while to adjust to…

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Doggie Daycare Series – Part 1: Reactive vs Proactive Management


I recently took up a new position as a Day School Trainer at a local dog training company. While I still get to teach classes and give private lessons, I also have the opportunity to work with a different group of dogs everyday. This has really put me on the fast track to “pack” management…

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Modern Dog Training Is Not About Cookies!


Bev Maahs KPACTP With my background in technology, I love the internet, a whole new world opens up, and opinions are easily shared. This of course works two ways, there is a lot of good information, and a lot of misinformation. Just like when I was young, we were encouraged to read newspapers, and be…

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Confidence IS The Cure – Dog Leash Reactivity

dog training articles

I’ve owned my reactive dog, Loker, for almost 3 years already. Man does time fly! Our walks lately have been surprisingly relaxing. He’s mastered loose leash walking as long as I’m consistent and I’ve developed a new attitude: Whatever happens, happens. As we were walking down the street enjoying the nice spring breeze, I realized…

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How I Became a Dog Trainer – Part 2

B And W

Bev Maahs KPACTP Don’t forget to read Part I! After a long recovery from her surgeries, we continued to take Breezy out, and socialize her to new places. This was not  letting her go meet dogs, but showing her new places! We moved to a city because we bought a house, so she had to…

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How I Became A Dog Trainer

Here is my first contribution to Cross Over Trainer. Bev Maahs KPACTP Working in a job, I was not getting job satisfaction from,  I decided it was time to do what I really wanted to do, and that was train dogs.  I did not have a dog at the time, my husband thought we should get…

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A New Addition to The Crossover Trainer Blog

I reached out to my subscribers to find someone who would be interested in writing for this blog regularly along with me and I was blown away when I saw who signed up! Consider this the formal introduction of Bev Maahs to the Crossover Trainer Blog! Bev has been a reader for a while now…

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