Follow Up: The Premack Principle

premack principle

After a previous post about finding unusual motivators that might with challenging dogs, I received an inquire asking how they could use the Premack Principle with their dog to reinforce loose leash walking. I figured this might be a question many people might be wondering about so I decided to take Loker out on a…

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What Do Dogs Find Motivating?

Dog Reward Value Scale

This post is a follow-up to this post: My Response to a Reader. The reader’s question was this: “How you have used the principles and processes that form the foundation of clicker training, especially when your original approach using C/T doesn’t work.” Click/Treat is about way more than a click and a treat. Every dog has their…

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Finding Motivators for Picky Dogs

It’s been quite the change between Loker and Clark. Loker eats pretty much everything I give him. Clark, on the other hand, is extremely picky. For example, I chopped up some hotdogs the other day to see if he would eat them during our training session. I was pretty hopeful that this would beat his…

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15 Must Read Dog Training Articles

dog training articles

When you’re first starting to cross over to positive reinforcement based dog training, its hard to know where to start. Each of these dog training articles will open your mind to what dogs and dog training should be all about. These articles are sure to get you double guessing your beliefs. Enjoy! Is Punishment an…

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Another Crossover Story: Knowledge is Greater Than Force!

Jason Currie Guest Post

This is Jason Currie’s story about how he crossed over to positive reinforcement methods. Visit Jason’s website here: I’d like to tell people about my journey from the stone age training methods to modern science based training, a term often used for this is “crossover trainer”. Some see us as bleeding heart liberals or tidbit…

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Guest Post: Why I Switched to Positive Training

Pamela Dennison (of Positive Motivation Dog Training – is a positive trainer who believes that “not only with aggressive dogs, but also with basic manners, agility and competition obedience behaviors that positive training actually takes less time than using punitive methods and the dogs retain them longer.” Here is her story on how she “crossed over”…

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