The Dog Trainer’s Dogs

This wonderful article on the dog trainer’s dogs came out recently by Paws Abilities called “What’s Important to You?” The article covers reasons you might think the dog trainer’s dogs are not well trained. “Here’s the thing: we each train what’s important to us. What I find important with my pets and what you feel are a…

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Parading Through Potty Training


I volunteer for a Chihuahua rescue as their go-to dog trainer. One of the most common issues I hear is trouble with potty training. Unfortunately, Chihuahuas are notorious for being difficult to potty train. This is due to several factors: small size, lenient owners, and lack of crating. Unless you can watch your dog 24/7, crating is…

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My First Dog Show

Dog Show

I am planning on competing in AKC Rally in the future with my dog, Loker, so I attended my first dog show to see how everything happens and the kind of environment to expect and prepare him for. Personally, I have never seen so many dogs in one place! Wow! I had a great time…

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We’ve Made it to the Finals!

Hello fellow dog owners! I need your help!! I’ve entered my dog (Loker) and I in a National Train Your Dog Month contest and we’ve made it to the finals! We need public votes now to win and would really appreciate it if you’d go vote for us! My video is called Loker the (Smart)…

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Tricks to Teach My Dog

January is National Train Your Dog Month! I want to go through and talk about some tricks to teach my dog this month. Some tricks I have in mind are: perfecting Loker’s heel, turning counter clockwise (he already does “spin” clockwise), and bow. Here’s a list of tricks you could work on with your dog:…

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Use Dog Puzzles to Your Advantage!

I went thrift store shopping today because I have a themed birthday party coming up I needed some decor and costume clothes. While I was there I took a minute to check out the pet section, of course! I found this Aikiou dog puzzle for $1.99 (regular price is $24.95) and here is my dog’s…

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5 Ways to Integrate Positive Reinforcement into Your Lifestyle

I want to expand outside the world of dogs for a minute. Since I crossed over just about a year ago this month, I have learned how to use positive reinforcement with my dog, but also with the people around me. I find that I am a much happier person, in general, when I integrate…

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It’s Playtime!!!

tug of war

There isn’t a better reason to play with your dog than for research! Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, author of Inside of a dog: What dogs see, smell, and know is doing research on humans playing with their dogs. Let’s show’em what we’ve got! Play with your dog (on video) for 60 seconds. You can play anyway you’d like –…

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