Positive Reinforcement Isn’t Reliable Enough for Performance Sports

Recently while browsing the internet, I came across several comments that stated that positive reinforcement doesn’t create reliable behaviors for performance sports. One comment in particular shocked me: “Anyone who wants a dog in Schutzhund to get top points tends to have switched to marker training. This is because of the need for expression. However…

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Can Your Dog “Leave It”?

Photo provided by Sarah Fulcher

Have you taken the time to teach your dog to “leave it”? If not, here’s your chance! [Just in time for the holidays! ;)] “Leave it” can be a lifesaving cue for your dog. It can prevent the dog from eating fractured, cooked chicken bones, moldy hamburger on the side of the road, or even…

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No One Can Train Without Pressure

After a recent post by Denise Fenzi called “Pressure“, I decided it was a good idea to make a post about pressure as well. Truth is, you can’t train without pressure. Pressure is an “attempt to persuade or coerce (someone) into doing something” according to Google. Pressure to perform is natural – it’s asking your…

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Dogs Don’t Just “Live in the Moment”

To say that dogs only “live in the moment” is to insult their intelligence. It is scientifically proven that dogs are at least as intelligent as a 2 year old child and can learn as many as 250 words (1). A certain TV Dog Trainer, claims that dogs “live in the moment” and forget their past and…

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Self Reinforcing Behaviors

self reinforcing behaviors in dogs

Ignore the behaviors you don’t like and reinforce the behaviors you do like, right? Well, it’s not quite that simple. Many times you can just ignore something and it will go away. However, some behaviors are self-reinforcing, which means the behavior reinforces itself by providing the dog with some sort of satisfaction. For example, counter…

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Progressive Reinforcement Training

Progressive Reinforcement Training is a term coined by Emily Larlham. Emily has an extremely popular YouTube Channel, Kikopup, where she makes how to videos for the average dog owner to learn from. Emily decided to make a new term to describe dog training that does not use intimidation, physical pain, or positive punishment because trainers who use…

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What are you THANKFUL your dog does?


Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA followers! This is a great time to give thanks for the little things in life. A popular blog, Eileen and Dogs, came up with the best idea! Instead of joining in with the recently viral “Dog Shaming” phenomena, she decided to take a higher road to promote training and…

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Punishment in the Dog-Human Relationship


Punishment works. It suppresses behavior that humans find inappropriate. However, it will not benefit your relationship with your dog as punishment will need to continue for the dog’s entire life and may even need to intensify to achieve the same results. Your dog will learn to fear you instead of love and trust you. You…

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