Wordless Wednesday


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Guest Post: Why I Switched to Positive Training

Pamela Dennison (of Positive Motivation Dog Training – www.positivedogs.com) is a positive trainer who believes that “not only with aggressive dogs, but also with basic manners, agility and competition obedience behaviors that positive training actually takes less time than using punitive methods and the dogs retain them longer.” Here is her story on how she “crossed over”…

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Dog Sports

Dog sports are almost as varied as human sports. Humans love to see their companions jump for joy or use their natural skills. Personally,  I think dog sports are a great way to build a better bond with your dog – if your dog can handle it! While dog sports can be a great way…

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I’m Asking the Audience!

Have a question? Don't be afraid to raise your hand!

I think it’s time to “Ask the Audience!” What do you all want to hear or learn about? Do you have a question for me? What does your dog do that bothers you or confuses you? Any general training questions? I also wanted to say “Thank You!” to all my followers. I hope you all…

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Self-control Makes Dogs Impulsive

Loker in a down-stay at the park. Can you see his brain working?!

Ironic isn’t it? But it’s true. Check out this article, “In Self Control, Dogs are Only Human” by Stephanie Pappas. They made a study that compared dogs who had to stay in a down-stay to dogs that were crated while there was a distraction around. The dogs in the crate showed less impulsive behavior afterwards…

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Comparing Techniques to Teach Stay

Today I want to discuss three videos that I saw on Youtube that all were “how-tos” on teaching “Stay”. All three techniques work, but I had likes and dislikes about each of them and I wanted to share! Each person learns and teaches differently. I applaud all three trainers for making great videos to educate…

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Taking a Second Look

Front of lips pulled back to show front teeth right before the bite.

Earlier this year a newswoman was bitten in the face by an Argentinian Mastiff that she was promoting through television. Having been caught on tape, this video went viral and many people were criticized. Instead of criticizing it any further, I wanted to take a second look at the video and make some observations about the…

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Find It!

I recently consulted with a fellow trainer, Michael Curran of Clicker Logic. Michael has a border collie who was highly reactive to both people and dogs. (As many of you know my dog, Loker, is reactive to other dogs and some people.) I asked Michael how he had such success with his dog and he gave me…

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