One Person’s Experience with the Dog Whisperer

Experience with the dog whisperer

[schema type=”BlogPosting” title=”One Person’s Experience with the Dog Whisperer” Written by “Ines Gaschot” url=”” dateCreated= June 20, 2012 description=”How one person learned that Cesar Millan’s techniques were not the best for her dogs.” city=”Austin” state=”TX” postalcode=”78720″ country=”USA” email=”” phone=”512-300-3851″] I recently came across an article that had been written by someone who had their personal…

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Guest Post: “One Dog” – The Story of My Dog Training Journey

Sarah Fulcher4

By Sarah Fulcher, Cert. CBST Barks and Recreation Pet Services  _________________________________ In the dog training community we have a saying: “I’ve crossed over”. This refers to the big philosophy switch from relying heavily on dominance theory and corrections in animal training to utilizing positive reinforcement and scientifically founded behaviour theory. There are extremists on both…

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Treating Reactivity

pros and cons of dog training class

Won’t feeding my dog treats when he acts aggressive or barks only reward that behavior? I wondered about this question when I first began positive association training with my dog, Loker. I was starting the “Click the Trigger” (CTT) method to try to get him to quit being so reactive when he saw other dogs or…

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A Different Way to Teach Heel


There are many ways to teach a dog how to heel. I have chosen to work on back end awareness with my dog, Loker, by teaching him to rotate his behind around an object while standing on the object (see “Forming the Perfect Heel“) This helps him learn to recognize his back end and learn how to…

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Teach Your Dog to Go to His Mat!

Teaching "Place"

Teaching your dog to go to the mat is easy. Although I have always taught obedience with some positive reinforcement techniques, I was not very familiar with the variety of techniques that can be used. I would have to say that my favorite that I have learned so far is high frequency reinforcement. Although it looks like I’m just…

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Forming the Perfect Heel

Proper Heel

You can teach a dog how to heel many different ways. One of the tricks I have read about is having a dog rotate it’s behind around while standing on an object. This exercise is great to raise awareness to a dog’s back end so that it learns how to rotate it around to a…

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Easy as ABC

Applied behavior analysis

Positive dog training is as easy as A-B-C. Science-based training focuses on these three events: Antecedent – what happens before a behavior occurs Behavior – the behavior displayed Consequence – what happens after the behavior Observing the “ABC’s” in dog training will greatly improve your chances of success. Many times people have no trouble seeing…

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“Dogs in the City” Review

Dogs in the city2

Episode 1 There has been a buzz going around about this new show on CBS called “Dogs in the City”. The show is about a “Dog Guru”, named Justin Silver, that works with dogs and their owners in New York City. I watched the first as unbiased as possible and took notes about what I liked…

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