Emergencies On Walks – Have a Plan Before You Leave The House


Sometimes, taking your dog for a walk, is like taking a mission, from Mission Impossible….cue music now! First off, the series of events on this walk needs to be explained to most urban dwellers. I live in a small city on Vancouver Island, part of Canada, but literally an Island of the Coast of Canada.…

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Interactive Dog Toys for the Energetic Dog!


In todays world there are millions of dollars spent on pets, which toys are the most useful? Here are a few I have used and still do. Mental stimulation tires out your dog more than running your dogs. If you have a reactive dog, an older dog, or a pup that needs mental stimulation, this…

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So You Have a New Puppy! Now What?


Summer Time, or Any Season Really, Bringing Home a Puppy! First think through bringing home a puppy, do you have time to train? Time to teach it about life? Is everyone in the household going to help look after the puppy? If you have children, and a mom, chances are, this is one more ‘child’…

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Learning is Not Breed Specific (Its Not Even Species Specific)


I can teach a cat the same way I’d teach a dog or a horse or a mouse or… You get the picture. It all boils down to motivation. Motivation is the factor that gets an animal to take action. It can be a positive motivator or a negative motivator, either way it gets an…

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Must Love People


I got into dog training in order to help dogs stay in their homes. Dog behavior has always fascinated me and I love teaching them new skills. However, when I leave the home of a client, I find myself thinking about how thrilled I am that the people caught on and had the “light bulb…

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The Principle of Availability


I recently came across another blog that talked about the “Principle of Availability”. Unfortunately, I forgot to bookmark that blog and I can’t remember which blog it was from. I loved the idea, so I have to talk about it. Please feel free to share if you find out where it came from! The “Principle…

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The Evolution of My Polite Leash Walking Technique

polite leash walking

It’s been a long journey, but I’ve finally discovered a technique that works (nearly) 100% of the time. I want to share the experience of discovering a technique that I use as a “go-to” with all my dog training students. It starts with how I trained polite leash walking before I crossed over. Using Corrections…

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Luring vs Mark Reward Training

reward training

Bev Maahs KPACTP I have links provided below on articles written on the points I am bringing up. Luring to get behavior  is to show food, (here is a cookie, come, get food) or do this and you will get the food Luring is good way to get a behavior, if not an established behavior,…

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