Forming the Perfect Heel

Proper Heel

You can teach a dog how to heel many different ways. One of the tricks I have read about is having a dog rotate it’s behind around while standing on an object. This exercise is great to raise awareness to a dog’s back end so that it learns how to rotate it around to a…

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Easy as ABC

Applied behavior analysis

Positive dog training is as easy as A-B-C. Science-based training focuses on these three events: Antecedent – what happens before a behavior occurs Behavior – the behavior displayed Consequence – what happens after the behavior Observing the “ABC’s” in dog training will greatly improve your chances of success. Many times people have no trouble seeing…

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“Dogs in the City” Review

Dogs in the city2

Episode 1 There has been a buzz going around about this new show on CBS called “Dogs in the City”. The show is about a “Dog Guru”, named Justin Silver, that works with dogs and their owners in New York City. I watched the first as unbiased as possible and took notes about what I liked…

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Loose Leash Walking Tips!

Pinky Loose Leash Walking

Pulling on a leash is probably close to the number one request to fix when someone hires a dog trainer. No dog is born knowing how to walk on a leash. In fact, they are born with an instinct that makes them want to pull against things that are attached to them – it is…

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Welcome back!

  Please re-sign up your email to receive or continue to receive email notifications about new posts. The sign up bar is on this page on the left.   Latest blog post from the old blog: “Hello everyone! I greatly appreciate everyone who follows my blog and my journey. I have decided to move my…

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Graduation Day!

I know many of you have been following Loker’s journey through his group class in the past few weeks so I wanted to let you all know his big day has come! He has officially graduated from his Courteous Canine’s class by Adventures in Canine Training! Looking back at our first day in class, he…

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Be a Leader, Not a Pushover

Follow the Leader by Sarah Fulcher of Barks and Recreation

Honestly, when I used to use traditional and dominance based methods, I never would have thought that I could earn a dogs respect and be a leader by giving treats. In fact, many traditional trainers see positive reinforcement trainers as “cookie pushers” and there may be a few out there that don’t quite understand the…

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The Gulf Coast

Rockport TX

This week we took a small vacation to the Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi. This was Loker’s first time experiencing salt water and it was pretty funny to watch him try to drink it then vomit it right back up! You could tell he was quite perplexed by the fact that he was completely surrounded…

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