Positive Pit Bulls

There is a brand new group emerging and I have to share with you. I’m a Pit Bull advocate and could not be more excited that there is a group out there that is promoting positive reinforcement based training for bully breeds. Pits are so smart and benefit greatly from positive training. I only wish…

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Follow Up: The Premack Principle

premack principle

After a previous post about finding unusual motivators that might with challenging dogs, I received an inquire asking how they could use the Premack Principle with their dog to reinforce loose leash walking. I figured this might be a question many people might be wondering about so I decided to take Loker out on a…

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Ducks are Friends, Not Food: Positive Training for High Prey Drive Dogs


A friend of mine shared her success on social media and I got her permission to share her words with you!  Special thank you to Ms. Wulf for this. I believe showing off what force-free training can do is the best way to promote positive training methods. The follow is Ms. Wulf’s words about her…

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Finding Motivators for Picky Dogs

It’s been quite the change between Loker and Clark. Loker eats pretty much everything I give him. Clark, on the other hand, is extremely picky. For example, I chopped up some hotdogs the other day to see if he would eat them during our training session. I was pretty hopeful that this would beat his…

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Calming Supplement for Dogs

Loker relaxing on the patio.

As many of you already know, Loker is very anxious and usually goes from 0-60 in about 2 seconds. He doesn’t really have an in between. About three weeks ago I decided to start him on L-Theanine or SunTheanine as recommended by Suzanne Clothier back at the February seminar. According to Wikipedia, it can cross…

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My Top 7 Favorite Dog Training Videos

Over the past year I’ve watched tons of YouTube videos to learn about more positive reinforcement techniques. There are so many dog training videos out there that it is hard to wade through all the techniques that are not backed in science and skill. I’ve put together my top 7 in this blog post to…

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Trust in Your Training – The Next Milestone

Off leash

Our new yard has a fence that is about 2-3ft high. It’s nothing to Loker who has springs for legs. Luckily, he’s never had the opportunity to jump it, but he does often put his front paws to peer over it to smell the yard over. After being able to call him off a squirrel…

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How to Address Constant Whining from Your Dog

Teaching "Place"

About a week ago Loker had, what I can only describe as, a nervous break down. Loker began whining insistently anytime we were home, but not around him. One night, he was even up at 6am whining for about 30 minutes. We restrained from telling him to be quiet just incase it was attention seeking…

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