Less Really is More!

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I was browsing a book at the bookstore earlier this week and it talked about how dogs seem to learn in between training sessions. After a very short training session, they come back next time performing it better than the previous session. I have observed this with my own dogs.  (Are they practicing at night or…

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Preventing Reactivity

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The newest addition to my household is Clark, a 9 month old Cardigan Welsh Corgi. As you probably already know, Corgis are quite vocal because of what they were bred for. While I understand this, I still want a thinking dog, not a reactive dog. Since getting to Austin, I’ve started taking Clark out to…

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Lessons from My Leash Reactive Dog, Loker


Ah the challenges of training a reactive dog… I’ll start by saying, “It’s easier said than done.” As a trainer, I know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! It’s been hard, but it’s also been fun! That’s what I love about positive reinforcement based…

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Communicating Effectively with Your Customers – A Book Review

Human Half of Dog training

I am ecstatic about what I have just finished reading. I have a hard time finishing books. I get bored pretty easily which is why I like things to get straight to the point. If it’s not going anywhere, I move on to the next thing. I read this whole book and loved it all.…

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Pitbulls and Positive Reinforcement!


There is a special Facebook page that is close to my heart because of my love of pitbulls and the common misconception that bully breeds need stern and dominant training methods. Bully breeds are, first and foremost, DOGS. They learn the same way as a Chihuahua, Beagle, or St. Bernard would learn- through classical conditioning…

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A Message From Your Dog

Sometimes it’s good to step away from all the mumbo-jumbo and look at your dog with a fresh perspective.   “I Am Your Dog” created by Casey Lomonaco, www.rewardingbehaviors.com, 2013   Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app for iPad

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Why I Was Rude to My Neighbor Today


Its official! We’ve moved to Austin, TX! I’m happy to be back where I grew up because I love this city. Both the dogs are getting time to romp around in our large backyard and they are having a blast with the two ball game! Loker has been surprisingly calm-ish and collected in the backyard…

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The Dog Trainer Spectrum

dog training camps

Watch out! I’m going to use labels to describe dog trainers in this post! Read at your own risk!  I am on a lot of Facebook groups. The forum-like setting creates a great environment to interact with many different people and trainers from all over the globe. There’s nothing out there like it. I recently…

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