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Dog Trainer Certifications

I always recommend the Karen Pryor course, because since I have been taken the course and become a Certified Training Partner.  It is the best decision I have made for a great foundation. Any courses or extra education I have is built upon this course.

Continuing education and learning is a requirement to keeping your Certified Trainer Partner Certification. This is a well respected and sought after certification. Even from the beginning the Academy has been very supportive, professional, and had high standards. I am proud to say I am a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy.

Karen Pryor Academy – Clicker Expo

Every year, Clicker Expo is an educational conference that is wonderful for you and your dog. Every trainer, even those who are not certified yet, should attend at least once.

I was recently featured as Dog Trainer of the Month at KPA! Every KPA certified trainer has an opportunity to be featured which is another great benefit to the program.

For more information about the Karen Pryor Academy, check out their program details.

There are many schools out there, but the fact remains that dog training is unregulated profession. Anyone can claim to be a dog trainer. There are many dog trainers who do not have any certifications, but are great trainers and teachers. Certifications are a great way to make even the most experienced to the least experienced receive an education, and learn about new methods to expand their training skills.

There are many “dog training schools” out there, so buyer beware!