Clicker Training for Cats!

Kitty Clicker Training

I just recently adopted a young cat named Minnie Mouse. I agreed to foster her and her two-week old kittens until they got adopted, but tragically all the kittens passed away and she was the only one left. She grew on me and I knew her shyness wouldn’t help get her adopted at adoption days so I adopted her! My plan is to clicker trainer her and build up her confidence. Once her confidence is up, I will integrate her and Loker.

Clicker training is an amazing tool to have on your belt as it applies to all animals – cats, rats, dogs, horses, dolphins, etc. Below is a video of my first session clicker training Minnie. I was planning on just getting her used to the clicks and making sure she learns that the click means good food, but she started touching the pen I was using so I took this opportunity to start teaching her how to target! I decided to use a pen instead of a clicker because I knew she was sensitive to new noises and smells and I did not want to scare her in any way. Also, I chose to give chicken as a treat as I wanted to use something she wouldn’t refuse! As you can see from the video, she had a blast!

When you watch this video, keep in mind this is her very FIRST clicker training lesson! :)