Clicker training isn’t just for dogs!

Fivel, my 1.5yr old dumbo rat

Did you know that clicker training is used for all kinds of species? Clicker training works with natural thought processes for all animals. I have a pet rat that I am going to starting to clicker trainer this summer. Her name is Fivel and she is 1.5 years old. She has no experience being trained at all. I look forward to watching her use her brain and learning what exactly motivates a rat! I love that I have discovered clicker training as it applies to all animals as long as you are smart enough to discover the proper motivation for an animal.

On a side note, I have owned all sorts of small animals through out my life since my parents never let me keep a dog. I have had rats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits and a guinea pig. Rats are by far my favorite! They are fairly clean and are incredibly intelligent. I highly recommend them as pets for children as they recognize the difference between a finger and a treat sticking through the bars of their cage where as hamsters and gerbils definitely don’t! Unfortunately, they are only estimated to live 2-3 years. You get so close to them, like a little dog, and then you have to say good-bye so soon! But they are fabulous little creatures that deserve a much better reputation in the world. I look forward to clicker training my ratty girl and will show you all some videos!

Any requests for tricks to teach my rat?!