Dog Play Styles

dog play stylesAlmost every time I visit my relative’s home, they ask why I don’t bring my dog, Loker. The reason is because I know my dog and their dog and can figure out that they would not get along. Am I psychic? How do I know? Well, it’s because I know both dog’s play styles.

Dog play styles are an important thing to keep in mind when you take your dog anywhere they will be off leash with other dogs. Loker is a chaser. He loves to chase and be chased, but he, in no way, desires to get physical.

The article “Four Tips for Finding the Right Playmate for Your Dog” goes through and discusses the four different play styles most dogs fall under. My relative’s dog falls under the wrestler/tackler category (she is a 12 month old Weimaraner mix). There is not one play style better than the others, but you have to know your dog to keep them safe and happy. I know that if I brought my dog over to hangout and play with their dog, Loker would be miserable and a dog fight might even break out.

So respect your dog and make the best decision for them, because they don’t get a say in the situations you decide to put them in.