Use Dog Puzzles to Your Advantage!

Dog PuzzlesI went thrift store shopping today because I have a themed birthday party coming up I needed some decor and costume clothes. While I was there I took a minute to check out the pet section, of course! I found this Aikiou dog puzzle for $1.99 (regular price is $24.95) and here is my dog’s first time using it! Dog puzzles are so much fun for both dogs and humans!

Note: He has experience with a Kong Wobbler which I highly recommend!

Dog puzzles are an asset for any home. Most people don’t have time to train every single day, 365 days a year. Puzzles come in handy when you need to multitask, such as do the laundry while the dog eats! If you have kids, they will also enjoy watching the dog figures it out. This is what dogs thrive on because after all – they are scavengers by nature!

Introducing Dog Puzzles

Dogs, like humans, have different learning curve. Some catch on super fast and some need a little more guidance. Start with an easy puzzle like sprinkling food on the ground so that your dog gets used to searching/working for his food.

You can then put food under plastic cups so that your dog can use his nose to push them over. Depending on your dogs confidence, you may have to do this a while or you might be able to jump straight to a Kong Wobbler or dog puzzles you can find at pet stores or online! Check out what Amazon has to offer!

I encourage everyone to go check out their local thrift for cool dog stuff! Amazing what people throw out! Who knows, maybe you’ll find a great deal on a dog puzzle!