Graduation Day!

Graduation Certificate

I know many of you have been following Loker’s journey through his group class in the past few weeks so I wanted to let you all know his big day has come! He has officially graduated from his Courteous Canine’s class by Adventures in Canine Training!

Looking back at our first day in class, he has improved by leaps and bounds! In class today we were able to get within a few feet of the other dogs while in the beginning Loker was reactive when they were about 70 feet away! He is much more attentive to what I want and ask of him now, too!

This has been a life changing experience for both of us. Watching the other dogs in class improving too has been really fun. It has truly shown me how positive training methods really work and give long-term results. Punishment only covers a problem and doesn’t actually teach the dog how to behave properly. We will continue working on his reactivity and I can’t wait to see where we will go in the future!

This video is of the “obstacle” course we had to go through which included a “stay” for 20-30 seconds, then “Sit, down, sit”, then Loose Leash Walking figure 8, and finally a “come when called”.

These two videos were part of the “show off what your dog has learned” so we did basic targeting and jumping through the hula-hoop! This was also his first time doing these tricks outside so he was learning how to generalize them.