Halloween Costumes

Well, I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween! I thought I’d take advantage of pets in costumes to promote practicing observation skills! Check out these pictures and in the comments, list what behaviors you see. Remember to be specific and not label anything. For example, behaviors are a lip lick, ears back, whale eye, high tail, panting, open mouth, etc. Refrain from saying a dog is aggressive, dominant, mad, sad, happy, cute, etc. If you need a refresher on how to observe, see my original article here: “what is your dog communicating?“. Also, check out this article on stress signals in dogs: A Canine Stress Dictionary.

Check out the “adorable” pets in costumes:







Remember, not all pets hate costumes or hate being the center of attention. Just thought I’d take this chance to discuss animals who would rather not have costumes since learning how to read animals is important!

Once at least 3 people have made their observations, I will share mine. Looking forward to reading what you think!