I’m Asking the Audience!

Have a question? Don't be afraid to raise your hand!

Have a question? Don’t be afraid to raise your hand!

I think it’s time to “Ask the Audience!” What do you all want to hear or learn about? Do you have a question for me? What does your dog do that bothers you or confuses you? Any general training questions?

I also wanted to say “Thank You!” to all my followers. I hope you all know that you keep me writing! I also hope that you find my posts relevant and useful. I do my best to make things understandable for the average dog owner because I know training can sound a little complicated.

So I want to hear from you! What do I write about that interests you or what do you want to learn more about?

  • What does your dog do that’s a little quirky?
  • Do you have a particular question you’d like me to answer about my transition?
  • Do you have a training or behavior issue you want to know more about?

Looking forward to seeing the responses! Just comment below or send me a message through the contact form.