My Dog, My Story

This is the dog who changed my life and my perception of dog training and dog behavior. I was a big Cesar Millan fan before I adopted this boy. I trained over a hundred dogs using the “Dog Whisperer” methods without any issues. However, once I adopted this dog, everything changed.
This guy was the first one that did exactly – and I mean EXACTLY – the opposite of what I wanted him to do. Loker is a 4 year old husky/shepherd mix that spent his first three years in a no-kill animal shelter. He had been returned twice for destructive behavior. I have not had any issues with him other than being reactive on leash which mainly comes from frustration. When I used to use corrections, most dogs would stop their reaction and be calm, but this guy did the opposite. When I corrected him, he would intensify his reaction towards whatever got him going. He had me stumped as to what to do.  This is when I started reading about other methods that could work. I have never been closed minded, but I had never had the necessity to look into other training methods since what I was using had always worked! Thank goodness for this guy!