A New Addition to The Crossover Trainer Blog

I reached out to my subscribers to find someone who would be interested in writing for this blog regularly along with me and I was blown away when I saw who signed up! Consider this the formal introduction of Bev Maahs to the Crossover Trainer Blog! Bev has been a reader for a while now and is ready to share her learning experiences with you all! I’m very excited to learn from her as well!

About Bev

Bev MaahsAfter adopting a reactive dog, Bev turned to positive reinforcement training to overcome her new dog’s behavior challenges. (Hmm… sound familiar?) In 2011, she became a certified training partner through the Karen Pryor Academy under Terry Ryan and has since spent her time teaching foundation dog training classes for Cowichan Canine on Vancouver Island BC and working with her own two dogs.

Bev will be contributing regularly on the Crossover Trainer Blog where she’ll share her experiences with working with her reactive dog and other learning experiences she encounters along the way. She is dedicated to continuing education in order to acquire the best skills she can and I am thrilled to have her blogging here! You can read a detailed description of her on our about page.

Stay tuned for the next blog post where she will introduce herself and her dog to all of you! :)