Pitbulls and Positive Reinforcement!


Ollie with a Front-attach harness!

There is a special Facebook page that is close to my heart because of my love of pitbulls and the common misconception that bully breeds need stern and dominant training methods. Bully breeds are, first and foremost, DOGS. They learn the same way as a Chihuahua, Beagle, or St. Bernard would learn- through classical conditioning and operant conditioning. The “Your Pitbull and You” Facebook page and, now, website are on a mission to spread that knowledge. Even if you don’t want to participate in the contest, be sure to give them a “like”!

Calendar Photo Contest!

This month they are hosting a calendar photo contest that I thought you all would like to share and maybe even participate in. Official rules can be found on their brand new and fabulous website: http://www.yourpitbullandyou.com/your-pit-bull-and-you-payin-it-forward/

Let me know if you submit a photo so that I can share it on our Facebook page to help you get some votes! I submitted my (current) favorite picture of Clark the Cardigan Welsh Corgi as part of their “honorary pitbull” category submission: