Quick Update on Loker’s Reactivity

Something awesome happened today on our walk! We were practicing loose leash walking again and a big man was approaching us on the same side of the sidewalk. I was letting him have a short potty break as this guy passed us. Before, Loker would have probably barked at him and what not, but this time Loker came to me and sat right in front of me as the guy passed! I gave him treats as he sat there and as the guy passed to reward that behavior. I was so proud! I did not even have to give him a cue to come to me and sit – it was AUTOMATIC! This has been the goal behavior and he is already displaying it for low level stimuli. 


Image of Loker taken by Emily of DreamEyce Studio

The gentleman walked by and turned around once he passed and said, “You are doing a great job with that dog, I see you out here working all the time.” I said “thank you”!! I guess hard work does pay off! At least I know people see me working with my dog and maybe it will someday motivate them to work with theirs. Arlington, TX is not very dog friendly and uneducated to say the least, so I hope I am educating people that it is possible to train dogs. Hopefully, at least the children who see me will be intrigued…