Reflections from the Crossover Trainer

After a few years working with people and their dogs and teaching them the “wrong” info, I am feeling a bit down. There is no way to go back in time and teach them these new strategies. I only hope that I have not completely ruined the lives of the dogs I worked with and I hope that those past clients found another trainer to teach them otherwise.
I am looking forward to being able to successfully help future clients. There are hundreds of lives that I can still help and teach. That is the reason for this blog. I hope I can reach people before they even start training their dogs and show them the better, more dog-friendly way to train dogs. Hopefully through this blog I can achieve: 1) help other trainers crossover, 2) help dog owners decide what kind of trainer they want to go with. Sharing my experiences allows people see first hand the differences that I am experiencing so that they make an educated decision for themselves. (Questions are ALWAYS welcome by the way!!) There are so many dogs out there that need my help and with all the new info I am excited to teach them!