Teach Your Dog to Go to His Mat!

Teaching "Place"

Teaching your dog to go to the mat is easy. Although I have always taught obedience with some positive reinforcement techniques, I was not very familiar with the variety of techniques that can be used. I would have to say that my favorite that I have learned so far is high frequency reinforcement. Although it looks like I’m just handing my dog a ton of treats one after the other, I know it is teaching my dog to stay in the position for a longer length of time. And for a command like “Place” that is really important! I cant wait to see the result of this technique! Loker has already picked up that he gets good things on the mat! Now we just have to work on longevity and coming off only when I say “Ok”. Want to know what exactly how to teach your dog to go to the mat?! Check out this video by Stacy Greer of Adventures in Canine Training: