I honestly cannot remember when I first met Ines Gaschot, a factor of my age, I suppose.  I know, however, that from the beginning, my impression of her was positive.  She is a caring, kind, individual, willing to help.  She came and helped me with my new rescue dog, Cammie.  She was very patient both with Cammie and especially with me, since I am new to clicker training.

Ines is also part of our effort to reduce return of adopted animals at Arlington Animal Services.  She is one of our volunteer trainers.  She is very dedicated to that effort and wants it to succeed.  I must applaud her for donating her time.  To me, that shows both a generosity of spirit as well as a genuine dedication to animals.

I enjoy following Ines on Facebook.  Her dog Loker is a sweetheart, and I can tell from her posts that she has truly “practiced what she ‘preaches’,” in that she has worked with him in the positive manner she espouses.

I want to share this story because it shows Ines’ character.  I was volunteering at the FAAS (Friends of Arlington Animal Services) booth at Arlington’s Ecofest.  Ines came by to visit.  During that time, a gentleman came by and asked a question which involved training of animals.  Ines spent quite a bit of time patiently talking with him in an effort to help him.  To me, that shows what she is all about. J. C. Watts said, “Character is doing the right thing when nobody’s looking.”

That’s Ines!

Respectfully submitted,

Sally Amendola, Arlington Animal Services Volunteer, Member of Friends of Arlington Animal Services and Training Coordinator for FAAS Arlington Tomorrow Fund Grant, Retired Public School Educator

“This genius never ceases to amaze me….the more I learn from her, the more I realize I don’t know about dog behavior. And I thought I had a pretty good understanding of them, esp. my own pack. She said Mali seemed like a completely different dog than last week and was surprised to see that she had no food aggression like I described – that part of training was over in a few minutes! The more I see just how sensitive Mali is, the more I realize all the mistakes I made with her. Just 10 days ago – she attacked my hand when I tried to give her a cookie (we had NO trust) and now she lets me take toys from her mouth. She is also constantly looking at me as if to say, “what do you want me to do now?”Before we found Ines, I was seriously considering finding a one dog family (adults only!) for her because I thought she should never allowed to be around other dogs or little kids. So much has changed and she even said Mali is so smart, she would do great in an agility course.”- L. Gonzalez (Client)

“From the first day we met, I admired your dedication to animal welfare and improving the relationship between pet and parent. Your perspective on methodology and approach is so refreshing!” – M. Robinson (Dog Trainer)

“Ines has worked miracles with my pets.  Most notably, she trained both my dog and I how to stop the open door escapes.  I now feel that my dog is much more safe and I have learned a new confidence in myself!” – Karen H. (Pet Owner)

“I volunteered with Ines for many years at the Central Texas SPCA and have always been amazed at how centered she remains when in a stressful shelter environment.  She really has a way of helping a dog learn how to calm itself.” – Michael C. (Pet Owner and Volunteer)