The Gulf Coast

Rockport TX

This week we took a small vacation to the Gulf Coast near Corpus Christi. This was Loker’s first time experiencing salt water and it was pretty funny to watch him try to drink it then vomit it right back up! You could tell he was quite perplexed by the fact that he was completely surrounded by water, but couldn’t drink it! Something else that made me chuckle was that he was a little nervous of the small white waves that came towards him! He would back up a little as they came towards him and he stared at them with concern.

One morning I took him for a stroll through downtown Rockport (TX) and he impressed me again with his leash skills. There was minimal pulling and I was able to enjoy the sights and sounds. And that was in a completely new area with completely different smells! It still amazes me how far he has come and how far I have come!