Top 5 Loose Leash Walking Dog Training Videos

loose leash walking

I decided to weed through many of the loose leash walking training videos you can find on youtube to list out the best. This skill is one of the hardest for both dogs and their owners. It’s hard to exercise your dog when every walk is a training session! What I usually recommend is to use two different harnesses. One harness (usually a front attach harness) is used to train your dog to walk nicely. The other harness (usually attached on the back) allows your dog to pull. Your dog WILL be able to distinguish between the two and you’ll still be able to take your dog out and about while you are still training. Gradually, use the no-pull harness more often and the pulling harness less often. You will eventually only use the no-pull harness and can easily transfer those skills to a regular buckle collar when you and your dog are ready.

Check out all these awesome loose leash walking videos:

Video 1:  Loose Leash Walking – Part 1

Rest of the Parts: Part 2, Part 3

Video 2: Polite Walking with High Rate of Reinforcement – Part 1

Rest of the Parts: Part 2, Part 3

Video 3: Stop Pulling and “Yo-yoing”

Video 4: Loose Leash Walking with Multiple Dogs

Video 5: 3 Steps to Teach Loose Leash Walking