Traveling With Pups

loker tired

This past year has been a year of learning. I started a new job at a dog daycare/school facility, attended my first APDT conference, started a new blog, and ended the year by deciding to move across the U.S. At the end of March, we packed up everything we owned into a trailer and loaded up two dogs and a cat to move to New York state.

The move went relatively easy once the cat settled down in his crate. This 15-year-old orange tabby was only used to car rides to the vet so imagine his surprise when we just kept on driving for 27 straight hours! Loker, being the attentive passenger he is, did not sleep for these 27 hours. He’s a good passenger, but he just never settles well in the car. Here’s a picture of his face when we finally arrived at our destination.

loker tired

Notice his droopy eyes… He could barely hold them open. It was hilarious! Poor guy…

The reason for our move was to live closer to my fiance’s family as well as lower costs of living than in Texas. We now own a house with a little yard just behind his grandparent home. Lots of fun times ahead!

Needless to say, the dogs are *loving* living in a house. We’ve only really lived in apartments with them. The dogs and I are really enjoying leash-less potty breaks in our little yard.

This house has two stories. Upstairs is the cat’s arena and the dogs have no problem keeping to themselves downstairs. I thought I’d have to use a baby gate or door to separate the two, but the car ride up here together allowed for them to adjust to each other. My cat has never been animal-friendly, but he and Clark are kindling some friendship I think. Have I mentioned that Clark can literally charm the socks off of any animal or human? It still makes my jaw drop every time.

This new location will allow me more time to get back to writing and pursuing my passion. Stay tuned for more blog posts and crossing over stories! :)