Tricks to Teach My Dog

Tricks to teach my dogJanuary is National Train Your Dog Month! I want to go through and talk about some tricks to teach my dog this month. Some tricks I have in mind are: perfecting Loker’s heel, turning counter clockwise (he already does “spin” clockwise), and bow.

Here’s a list of tricks you could work on with your dog:

  • come
  • take it
  • stay
  • down
  • jump through a hoop
  • place
  • shake
  • wave
  • speak
  • open/close a door
  • find it
  • catch
  • leave it
  • fetch
  • play dead

Check Out My Training Schedule!

I have set up a goal schedule so that I (and you) can keep track of my achievements by using “Joe’s Goals”. Joe’s Goals is a free weekly schedule tracker that is very user friendly. I am going to share it here and in my side bar so that everyone can see how often I work with my dog, when I give myself some slack, and other activities I do with my dog. Hopefully, this will inspire others to work with their dogs weekly as well!

Here is my current weekly schedule:

dog training schedule

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