Use Your Neighborhood Park!

Agility at the Park

People often walk or jog through their local park but rarely do they take advantage of the man-made obstacles provided. Kids playgrounds or picnic tables are great tools to expand your dog’s mental and physical challenges during a walk. Including obstacles during a walk will help drain excess energy much more quickly than simply walking or jogging. Plus they are FUN!

In the picture provided here, Loker is learning how to put his front legs on the picnic bench. This is our first step to a cute trick we are working on. I hadn’t planned this, but the idea came to mind when I saw the picnic table.

So, get creative! While you are out on a walk, have your dog jump up on and walk around on playground equipment. Use these obstacles to grow your dog’s understanding of the words sit, down, and stay. This kind of enrichment on walks will help your dog learn about how to use his body. Be sure to use a clicker and extra yummy treats while your dog is learning to help build confidence and ability. I guarantee both you and your dog will have a blast!