What are you THANKFUL your dog does?


Happy Thanksgiving to all my USA followers! This is a great time to give thanks for the little things in life.

A popular blog, Eileen and Dogs, came up with the best idea! Instead of joining in with the recently viral “Dog Shaming” phenomena, she decided to take a higher road to promote training and prevention rather than blame the dog for bad behavior.

She’s started a movement called “Dog Praising“! I’m joining in and I hope you will too! Here are some things I am thankful my dog does:

  • He doesn’t counter surf (even though he could because he is TALL!)
  • He doesn’t chew inappropriate things (even though the shelter I got him from warned me he chewed everything!)
  • He puts so much effort into his training sessions.
  • He lets me take millions of pictures of him!
What are you thankful that your dog does? Did you train him/her to do it or did they come to you that way? Can’t wait to see the responses!